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PIUMA (feather in Italian) is synonymous with lightness. This 700-sized model is extraordinarily light and comes up with a new style of flying. It does not replace the classic RAW 700 but it creates another option for those who do not like crazy head speed but want a light flying style that does not exceed “physical limits” with an interesting low-cost setup.

All our tests were done with the typical 580 setup (4025/4030 motor size).

The weight of the PIUMA with 6S-5500 mA/h battery is under 4 Kg.

RAW PIUMA is obtained from the MIX of the parts used in the RAW 700 - RAW 580 - RAW 700 NITRO.

12S 3300-3700 mA/h or 6S 5200-5800 mA/h are the recommended setups for the best flight compromise.

12S 5000 mA/h for 6 minutes of good average 3D.

Specification :

  • AIRFRAME weight: 2200gr (with blades, no battery, no electronics).
  • Main rotor diameter: 1542 mm (with 700 mm blades).
  • Main blade length: 650 to 730mm.
  • Tail rotor diameter: 276 mm (with 105 mm tail blades).
  • Tail blade length: 105 to 115 mm.
  • Cyclic Servos: Standard size 40mm.
  • Tail Servo: Standard size 40mm.
  • Main Rotor Ratio: 12 to 9 (20T included: 10.77:1).
  • Tail Rotor Ratio: 4.9-5.1:1 (22T included: 5.1:1).

KIT Includes:

  • 20T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available).
  • 2 battery trays with straps.
  • S 700 mm main blades.
  • S 105 mm tail blades.
Helicopter Main Data
Configuration 700
Available P/N SG749
Main rotor diameter 1542 mm (with 700 mm blades)
Main blade length 650 to 730mm
Tail rotor diameter 276 mm (with 105 mm tail blades)
Tail blade length 105 to 115 mm
Main shaft diameter 10mm
Tail shaft diameter 6mm
Weight 2200gr (with blades, no battery, no electronics)
Helicopters Secondary Data
Cyclic Servos Standard size 40mm
Tail Servo Standard size 40mm
Typical speed controller 12S 130A, 6S 150A
Maximum motor size
Motor KV 12S 520/550KV, 6S 1100KV
Battery compartment
Battery capacity 12S 3300/3700mAh, 6S 5200/5800mAh
Available ratios 12 to 9 (20T included: 10.77:1)

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The power available in a nitro model is half the power of the electric model. The search for lightness is fundamental... for this reason, the RAW 700 NITRO uses a mix of solutions between size 700 and size 600, looking for the maximum optimization of all the parts. The result is a model of about 4Kg (No fuel) ready to fly. With this weight, the engine...

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